A very special THANKS to my fellow Clough-Brengle fans; J.D. Leach, Christian Fandt, Bill Harris K5MIL,
Mike Knudsen AA1UK, Al Schapira W2ADS, Scott McAuley, Lou deGonzague, Bill Winter, Doug Houston, Alan Douglas, John Travis & The Southern Appalachian Radio Museum, Wayne Steiner N0TE, Bob Lindsay, Nigel Hulse of Johannesburg, South Africa, William C. Follmer, Bruce MacMillan ve7mt, Justin S. & Doc KD4E  for their support by providing many of the photos and scanss of original C-B advertisments you see on the web page.

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Model 89A
Model 110
Model OCX
Model OAE
Clough-Brengle Test Equipment
in Ron Lawrence's "Radio Heaven" collection.
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Model OC
This page was last updated on: November 9, 2011
Type 82
Model 131
Model 280A
Models 420s & 340
Model CRA
Model 127
Model 199
Model 88A
Model 230
Model 111, early and late
Model OCA
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Clough-Brengle Transmitters
Model OM
Signal Generator
Model 210 RF
Signal Generator
Model OC
Signal Generator
Model 81A Wobbulator
Model CRA
Model 411
Audio Oscillator
Model CLB-60007
US Navy Capacitance/Resistance Bridge
Model 111
Frequency Modulato
Model 282A Beat Frequency Oscillator
If you have photos of Clough-Brengle equipment in addition to what is shown on these pages and would like to have them displayed here, please email me at,  w4ron @ carolina.rr.com
Clough-Brengle company product list. 75 items listed so far.
Below are a couple of photos showing how my C-B test equipment collection is displayed in my office/ham shack.
Model 79B
Sudio Oscillator
Model 86R
Model UC
Model 131
Universal Speaker
Model 180H Beat Frequency Oscillator
J.D. Leach's
web page
Lots of
Clough-Brengle gear.
Model UC, VTVM
signal generator
signal generator
Model OMA wobulator
Clough-Brengle built United Motors test panel
Model 135
Model AQ4
Theater Amp
Model OA
Model 182A
Model OA
Model 79C
Model 79C
Model 79D
Model 79D
Model 125
Model OB  Audio Oscillator
Awaiting next new addition to the collection.
Awaiting next new addition to the collection.
Model 225