Amateur Radio QSL cards
The first CCC radio operators were recruited from the membership of the Arny Amateur Reserve System, AARS. The AARS went on to become what we know of today as MARS.
In later years of the corp they developed their own training programs and brought boys out of the regular membership into radio. A lot of these boys went on to become amateur (ham) radio operators. The CCC radio operators were allowed, even encouraged to operate the CCC camp stations on their off duty time on the amateur radio bands.
One of the Clough-Brengle transmitters in my collection even has a 2 position crystal selector that's labeled "Amateur/Official".

One of the long standing traditions of Ham Radio is the sending of QSL (contact confirmation) cards.  This was carried on by the boys that went to the CCC radio stations.

I have only found only these so far, but there must be more out there.
Below are scans of some CCC/Amateur QSL cards.
If you know of any more cards with CCC camp inforamtion on them I would be very interested in adding them to my collection, or have good high-res scans of them.
W6OGI in 1939 stationed in Phoenix AZ.
W6OGI in 1937 stationed in Yuma AZ.
Below is a letter sent by the CCC Radio Operator at
CCC camp 612, to the publisher of Radio Craft magazine asking for information Wind Charger.
Below is a letter sent from CCC camp F-32-A operator
to Hugo Grensbeck asking for more information on an article in Radio Craft mgazine.
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The QSLs above were sent to me by Bob Ballantine W8SU from the K8CX Ham Gallery.